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ColoradoBiz - July 6, 2009
Is it the worst of times or the best of times for your company? It depends on your plan and how well you're executing it. Don't be an Alice in Wonderland who met the Cheshire Cat and asked, "Which road should I take?"

ColoradoBiz - May 26, 2009
There are $787 billion in funds available to stimulate the economy by creating jobs and investing in infrastructure projects and growth industries. The big question is: How can your business tap into them now before those funds are gone?

ColoradoBiz - May 4, 2009
Now is not the time to hunker down and attempt to ride out the recession. There’s money out there. Determine where the money is, find the problems and solve them. The money will follow your solutions.

ColoradoBiz - March 31, 2009
Was Q1 all YOU planned? Are you tracking progress against clearly defined metrics? You do have a plan, right?

ColoradoBiz - February 10, 2009
Sales and the Economic Slowdown: One of my clients reported 144 percent sales growth last year because her sales team "got it."

Boulder County Business Report - February 6, 2009
Learn the seven steps you and your company can take to survive and thrive during a recession.

ColoradoBiz - January 8, 2009
Turning the Worst of Times into the Best: This is precisely the time to invest in marketing, advertising and your team!

ColoradoBiz - November 13, 2008
Americans are more pessimistic about their situation now than they have been in more than a quarter-century. What can you do about it? The most successful people and organizations don’t despair — they believe and act!

ColoradoBiz - October 15, 2008
A new column by Theresa addresses Meaningful Work. If you frequently wonder how to make a living while pursuing a passionate purpose, you’re not alone.

Boulder Daily Camera - July 14, 2008
Theresa has an online chat with the Boulder businness community. How can companies improve business performance while adjusting to the less-than-optimal economic situation?

Business Week - September 10, 2007
Business Week's view of the workplace of tomorrow is all technology all the time. In her letter to the editor, Theresa presents the counter view for achieving balance and meaning in the workplace.

Home Business - June 1, 2007
You can leverage the power of the Internet to increase the presence of your home business. Theresa tells how to create an online publicity powerhouse.

The Rotarian - February 1, 2007
Is an executive coach right for you and your business? People guiding the ship often lack a sounding board.

Boulder County Business Report - May 12, 2006
Is your organization facing one of these challenges? The risk of not addressing these issues is too large to ignore. What to do?

Polish National Alliance - June 20, 2005
The Polish National Alliance interviews Theresa Szczurek. Earlier she appeared at a book signing and speaking engagement in Oakbrook, where she was surprised to see a few of her fellow grade school classmates in attendance.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy - May 26, 2005
I am an assistant professor in the humanities, but I have decided to leave academe. I would love to end up in a management or project-management position. Any advice on how to get there? The answer from Theresa Szczurek.

Carteret County News-Times - May 6, 2005
For many people, finding their purpose becomes a life-long search. Others seem to find it early on in their quest for selfhood. Patricia Raskin interviews Theresa Szczurek.

Boulder Daily Camera - March 18, 2005
With the majority of U.S. employees looking for new jobs with increased job satisfaction and compensation, some local career gurus are finding their niche in Boulder by mixing self-help guidance with career recommendations.

Human Resource Executive Magazine - March 16, 2005
Organizations can use the "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" approach to positively impact the bottom-line and reach other goals. Lynda Simmons used such a process to build the largest non-profit housing developer in the U.S., Phipps Houses.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette - March 13, 2005
If you're not doing what you are, you'll always feel that there's something missing from your life. Theresa Sczcurek had a one-way ticket on that bus to "I don't know where" when she was an engineer for Bell Laboratories.

800-CEO-READ Top 25 - March 1, 2005
"Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" is ranked 11 on the top 25 list at 800-CEO-READ among strong competition. 800-CEO-READ focuses on the best new business books, and the list itself provides interesting insight on the trends in business thinking.

Colorado Next - February 1, 2005
The guide to life after high school. Theresa Szczurek talks to students about the rewards of being your own boss. Follow your head and heart. Just do it!

Longmont Times-Call - January 30, 2005
Five years in the making, Boulder-based author Theresa Szczurek’s new book has no shortage of local names people will recognize — all brought together under the common theme of passion.

Boulder County Business Report - January 7, 2005
Local entrepreneur Theresa Szczurek’s new book, "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose," is just the sort of thing to base your New Year’s resolutions on.

800-CEO-READ - December 15, 2004
"Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" is chosen for the recommended reading series at 800-CEO-READ. Each month Jack Covert selects some of the best new business books recently released. You can see his review.

Investors Business Daily - October 13, 2004
Cord Cooper's column presents key points from "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" and discusses how "managing conflicting passions is a key step to achieving goals."

Boulder Daily Camera - July 14, 2003
Turning a layoff into an opportunity to earn a living in ways that better match your values and skills.

Boulder County Business Report - February 21, 2003
Align passions with purpose for extraordinary results.

Boulder Daily Camera - November 18, 2002
Workshop participants pursue their dreams.

Denver Business Journal - November 15, 2002
Is work your joy and passion? Or is it killing your spirit?

Boulder Daily Camera - July 8, 2002
Where the jobs are: A shift in careers for white collar professionals.

Denver Business Journal - February 19, 2002
Theresa Szczurek is the keynote speaker at a conference in Warsaw, where business and government leaders explore ways for the country to bolster its economy.

Boulder Daily Camera - December 13, 1996
Radish Communications Systems is sold.
Media Releases

Go with the FLOW - September 29, 2008
A live program and audio CD to help organizations and individuals grow is introduced in Denver.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits - August 14, 2008
Technology and Management Solutions becomes a certified Gazelles Coaching Partner and helps Challenge Aspen grow 130% in one year.

Danzig and Szczurek at NSA - July 14, 2008
Robert Danzig, former CEO of Hearst Newspaper Group, is interviewed by Theresa at the NSA Convention in New York.

iCAST Gets a Roadmap - May 27, 2008
Technology and Management Solutions helps iCAST move forward with a new growth strategy.