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User Groups and Extraordinary Customer Programs
The Problem
Businesses are frantically scrambling for profitability. Layoffs, reduction of services to customers and employees, and reduced working budgets are common modes of operation. Pressed to report higher earnings, some companies have even taken illegal and unethical measures to creatively show enhanced financial performance.

The Solution
One approach to assure prosperity is "relationship with our fellow beings" and the most important people, after you and your employees, are customers.

The most successful businesses are passionate about serving their customers — keeping them, listening to them, providing them exceptional value, helping them become the firm's champions, and attracting more of them. Customers provide sales revenue and without revenue no amount of cost cutting and expense management will make a company profitable. When you support your customers, they support you. What's your plan to ensure CUSTOMER DELIGHT?

Ordinary Response
Many businesses use traditional, non-creative marketing approaches such as newsletters, brochures, websites, trade shows, and mail campaigns. None of these really build relationships or generate revenue.

Extraordinary Solution
"Pursuing Customer Delight" to help you and your organization thrive is one of Technology and Management Solutions' core competencies. And it's in line with our passionate purpose of being your catalyst for extraordinary results. Using an original process TMS developed over the last 15 years, we have organized and run successful customer relationship programs for large and medium-sized companies across the country. Consider this case study.

Case Study
Technology and Management Solutions helped one of our clients — a fast growing telecommunications service provider — design and launch its inaugural User Group.
The launch included a Customer Advisory Group — a representative sample of carefully selected top customers — who met regularly via in-person and conferencing meetings in focused discussions professionally facilitated by Theresa and staff.
The launch also included a larger User Group of all customers. This event was kicked off via a multiple day face-to-face conference that allowed superb relationship building, information sharing, and networking.
The results were extraordinary — 100% of participants were satisfied with the User Group and plan to participate again.
Why Have Extraordinary Customer Programs?
The answer is another question: Is there anything more important than keeping your customers delighted?
User Groups build enhanced customer relationships. Customers become loyal, impassioned champions, and they increase their orders.
When you understand your customers' needs, you develop better products/services and make an easier jump from innovation into income.
You attain higher profitability through increased sales revenue and focused marketing expenses.
User Groups create positive industry buzz and reputation which, in turn, attract new business and partner opportunities.
What Our Clients are Saying

"Theresa Szczurek and everyone at Technology and Management Solutions really helped in selectively matching our organizational goals with actionable plans to develop stronger customer relationships. Furthermore, Theresa saw those plans all the way through from consultation and conception to measurable outcomes in the end. That is something few consultants do!"
    Charlie Bernard, Senior VP of Global Solutions, V-SPAN, Inc.

"Technology and Management Solutions produced TERRIFIC RESULTS in the design, launch, and on-going management of our Customer Forums. Customer Forums drive the top-line revenue because key prospects come to the Forum. These customer experiences reduce the sales cycle and help customers become living references who do our selling for us. A sales prospect, who attended just one event, closed shortly thereafter on a $9M purchase. Another small customer signed an agreement for over $2M."
    Brad Levy, VP of Sales and Marketing, a global teleconferencing company