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"The best performers have a coach. You deserve one too."   Theresa M. Szczurek

"Good is Pretty Good, Greatness is the goal. To achieve greatness — It starts with responsibility.   Rick Macci, tennis coach of Venus and Serena Williams

Attaining your best business and career performance requires planning, support and training regimen. Why not "work out" and build your business and career "muscle" with a PRO? Someone who's been there and has a track record of launching a startup (which six years later sold for over $40 million), years of consulting with companies large and small, and an Amazon-bestselling book based on a proven "Pursuit of Passionate Purpose" formula.

That's me. Theresa Szczurek, CEO of Technology and Management Solutions LLC.

Normally when I go into a company to consult on strategic planning and execution, market development, people and process alignment, and organization and individual development, I charge thousands of dollars. My clients tell me it's well worth the investment.

When I work with you online in a group or an individual setting I can bring the price down to meet your needs.

I'm so sure you'll be delighted with your coaching experience that I'm offering a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you're not completely satisfied, I'll refund your entire investment. It's totally RISK FREE.

Let me help you get your business in shape. I look forward to working with you!

    Sincerely, Theresa

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Why Have a Coach?

"It is without a doubt that Challenge Aspen's growth of over 130% from last financial year is the direct result of the tailored business coaching of Theresa."
    Houston Cowan, CEO, Challenge Aspen

"Theresa Szczurek is much more than a business coach. She incorporates your professional and financial goals into a comprehensive life plan that includes your personal purpose, goals and dreams. She helped me organize what I want in life on paper, like a map, so I can refer back to it easily and see if I'm still on course. Theresa is both sensitive to her client's needs and at the same time, a powerhouse in a velvet glove."
    Patricia Raskin, Raskin Resources Productions, Inc

"Theresa's enthusiasm is infectious. Whenever we talk I'm reinvigorated to get out there and do what I know needs to be done. Whether it's to make those sales calls, document goals, celebrate progress — she gives me the kick in the pants I need to stay on target."
    Caron Ellis, President, 3D Radio LLC

"It gives me great satisfaction to look back and see how much Iíve accomplished since Iíve put your smart, inspirational advice to work. Today, just one year after our coaching sessions, my business network has grown, my management skills have sharpened and my leadership role in all business projects has grown by leaps and bounds."
    Ken Musto, Sr. Vice President, Brushfire Marketing
Pursuit of Passionate Purpose INDIVIDUAL Coaching Program

Work one-on-one with Theresa Szczurek to address your organizational or your individual opportunities and challenges. In this custom program, Theresa serves as both your coach and "kick-in-the-pants" accountability partner, consultant, advisor and expert — helping you quickly achieve progress. A 3-month minimum is required to build momentum and see forward movement. SPACE IS LIMITED.

The Individual Program includes four 50-minute phone sessions, follow-up accountability emails, and email / phone communications throughout the month for urgent matters. You will be billed monthly. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Please contact us to sign up.

Pursuit of Passionate Purpose CUSTOM Coaching Program

Let us design a coaching program to meet the needs of your organization. We start with an assessment of what is needed and then design the perfect solution to help your organization reach new heights. It can include group training sessions, individual assessments, group, management, and individual coaching sessions, and much more.

Please contact us to explore these options directly.